Rashad Jennings has told the story a million times, and NOT ONCE has he been tired of sharing it. It’s a story of his childhood – an overweight, dorky kid asthma and glasses sitting on the sideline just hoping for his chance to get in the game. After battling with asthma for years and frequent visits to the hospital, Rashad decided to take matters into his own hands by choosing to make a complete 180 in his life.

No longer would he accept the doctor’s reports, his teacher’s doubts about his academic potential, or riding the bench. Camp 180 is a football camp that brings together some of the best current and former collegiate and professional athletes and coaches from around the United States that have one common vision: to equip athletes with the skill set and mindset for the field and in life.

The 5th Annual Rashad Jennings Camp 180 Youth Football Camp, open to 500 participants (ages 6-17) on a first-come, first-serve basis, has a coaching staff consisting of former NFL players, high school and recreational coaches as well as volunteers. Coaching staff will emphasize fundamentals, form and technique.  The Rashad Jennings Camp 180 is a NON-CONTACT CAMP.  No pads will be worn. 

rashad jennings youth football camp

WHO: Ages 6-17

DATE: July 13th, 2019

LOCATION: Lynchburg, VA | Williams Stadium

COST: Free of charge

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