the reading challenge

The Rashad Jennings Foundation is recommitting our youth to reading. Studies show that the link between academic failure and delinquency, violence and crime is welded to reading failure.

The RJF Reading Challenge exists to ignite students with a passion for reading and literacy through offering incentives for their efforts.

our why

While the statistics are eye-opening and alarming, the numbers resonate deeply with Rashad. At 15-years-old, his Teachers told him he had a reading deficiency. Immediately, Rashad felt distant from his peers, and had an overwhelming feeling that he “just wasn’t good enough” because he struggled with reading and the academic challenges reading presented while learning other subjects. With help from his Teachers and his own hard work and dedication, Rashad was able to overcome his challenge.

How does it work?

The Reading Challenge program has one major goal: to get students excited about reading. While many schools have reading initiatives, The Reading Challenge incentives set our program apart. During the month of the challenge, students will read as many books as they can. The books that are read must be on the student’s Lexile Level or approved by the student’s teacher. After the student reads the book, they will take a computer-based or Teacher-created assessment of the content. When the student passes the reading comprehension assessment, they are entered into a drawing to win exciting prizes: NFL game tickets, signed merchandise and memorabilia, from Professional Athletes, Locker Room tours, a SKYPE session with Rashad and other athletes, gift cards, pizza parties and more.

How can I sign a school up to participate?

Apply below and our team will be in touch! It is recommended that your school’s lead team (people that will be in charge of coordinating The Reading Challenge) consists of an “on board” Administrator, Teacher and Media Specialist who work with The Rashad Jennings Foundation to make your student’s experience with The Reading Challenge is the best possible! We look forward to hearing from you.

Little Free Library

In addition to The Reading Challenge, Rashad partnered up with students in Staten Island, New York to build a Little Free Library so the youth can have a place to stop and grab books to read on the way home from school.